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New file documenting coding style.

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These are the formatting rules for mpeg2dec code. Please try to follow
these for any new contributions:
* Code should not be wider than 79 columns.
* A tab character should be displayed as 8 columns wide.
* Indentations are 4 columns wide.
* Braces are never alone on a line, instead they are on the same line
as their associated control flow (if/then/else/while/for)
statement. Functions are a special case, their opening and ending
braces are alone on their own line, in the leftmost column. This is
all standard K&R coding style.
* Braces are optional. It's ok to skip them if there is only one
statement in the block you'd put the braces around.
* There is always a space separating the function name and the
associated argument list i.e. f ()
* There is always a space separating an if/while/for control flow
statement and the associated conditions i.e. if (x)
* Function argument lists are of the form f (a, b, c) i.e. there is
always a space between the arguments.
* Pointers are declared with spaces both before and after the star.
* There are no parenthesis around a return expression i.e. return x;
* Non-static functions have names of the form mpeg2_*
Here is a short example for reference:
static int foo (int bar, int baz, int * quux)
if (bar == baz)
return *quux;
else do {
bar += *quux;
} while (bar != baz);
return *quux + bar;
* For xemacs users, this is what I use:
(defconst mpeg2-c-style '("gnu"
(c-basic-offset . 4)
(c-label-minimum-indentation . 0)
(c-offsets-alist . (
(knr-argdecl-intro . +)
(topmost-intro-cont . +)
(c-add-style "mpeg2" mpeg2-c-style)
Then to use that coding style, type M-x c-set-style mpeg2
* For emacs users, the following should work:
(defun mpeg2-c-mode ()
"C mode with adjusted defaults for use with mpeg2dec."
(c-set-style "gnu")
(setq c-basic-offset 4))
Then to use that coding style, type M-x mpeg2-c-mode
* For vim users, the following might help:
set noexpandtab
set tabstop=8
set shiftwidth=4
SUBDIRS = autotools include libmpeg2 libvo doc src vc++ test
EXTRA_DIST = bootstrap
EXTRA_DIST = bootstrap CodingStyle
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