Commit 0d4a3226 authored by Michel Lespinasse's avatar Michel Lespinasse

one more comment - in the IDCT overflow test tcela-11v2 we actually

dont overflow as much as the reference decoder does :)
parent cf1c5410
......@@ -55,3 +55,4 @@ twilight_zone/tcela/tcela-12 # OK - IDCT drift - see 7.4.4
#twilight_zone/mei/MEI.stream17.long # FAIL - different img sizes
#twilight_zone/mei/MEI2.stream17 # FAIL - different img sizes
#twilight_zone/tcela/tcela-11v2 # FAIL - IDCT overflow
# we're actually doing better than the reference decoder on tcela-11v2
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