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    The long awaited libvo changes. Also included in here are updates · bf254b6b
    Aaron Holtzman authored
    to the SDL, 3dfx, and Xv/X11 drivers.
    The big change here is that all of the display drivers are now
    compiled into the libvo library. This allows us to change
    backends at runtime. The mpeg2dec application defaults to x11,
    but you select your output mode using -o [mga|3dfx|sdl|x11].
    I also cleaned the configure script up a bit, so there may be
    some build breakages.
    Here's the status of the various video_out backends.
    mga  - tested
    sdl  - tested
    x11  - 32bpp tested
    3dfx - untested, but should work
    xv   - untested, but should work
    gatos - broken
    Now lets see if a fresh cvs checkout actually compiles :)
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