Commit ab4605c3 authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar

* Fix installation of the headers by re-adding include to SUBDIRS (instead

    of DIST_SUBDIRS) and putting them back in $(includedir)/mpeg2dec (instead
    of $(includedir)/libmpeg2).
parent 7dae4ce7
SUBDIRS = libmpeg2 libvo src test
DIST_SUBDIRS = include doc vc++ $(SUBDIRS)
SUBDIRS = libmpeg2 include libvo src test
EXTRA_DIST = bootstrap CodingStyle
pkginclude_HEADERS = mpeg2.h mpeg2convert.h
libincludedir = $(includedir)/mpeg2dec
libinclude_HEADERS = mpeg2.h mpeg2convert.h
EXTRA_DIST = video_out.h mmx.h alpha_asm.h vis.h attributes.h tendra.h
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