Commit 74853950 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Update NEWS for 6.0

parent 5ec40950
libdvdread (6.0.0)
libdvdread (5.0.4)
* restrict the number of symbols to be exposed to the shared-object
* remove dvdinput_error function
* fix write after free in ifoFree functions
* fix possible buffer overflow in open
* additional checks on DVDReadBytes arguments
* fix leaks
libdvdread (5.0.3)
* cache IFO and BUP files (only for ImageFiles) in order to reduce the number
dnl library version number
m4_define([dvdread_major], 5)
m4_define([dvdread_minor], 90)
m4_define([dvdread_major], 6)
m4_define([dvdread_minor], 0)
m4_define([dvdread_micro], 0)
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