Commit 68325fd5 authored by Erik Hovland's avatar Erik Hovland

Add *BSD porting bits from 0.9.7

Both version 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 had some porting code put in for the
*BSDs. This code is untested by me, but I bet the OpenSolaris
and *BSD folk would love to have it.
parent eb306491
......@@ -309,12 +309,18 @@ static char *sun_block2char( const char *path )
#if defined(SYS_BSD)
/* FreeBSD /dev/(r)(a)cd0c (a is for atapi), recommended to _not_ use r
update: FreeBSD and DragonFly no longer uses the prefix so don't add it.
OpenBSD /dev/rcd0c, it needs to be the raw device
NetBSD /dev/rcd0[d|c|..] d for x86, c (for non x86), perhaps others
Darwin /dev/rdisk0, it needs to be the raw device
BSD/OS /dev/sr0c (if not mounted) or /dev/rsr0c ('c' any letter will do) */
BSD/OS /dev/sr0c (if not mounted) or /dev/rsr0c ('c' any letter will do)
returns a string allocated with strdup. It should be freed when no longer
used. */
static char *bsd_block2char( const char *path )
#if defined(__FreeBSD__) || defined(__DragonFly__)
return (char *) strdup( path );
char *new_path;
/* If it doesn't start with "/dev/" or does start with "/dev/r" exit */
......@@ -327,6 +333,7 @@ static char *bsd_block2char( const char *path )
strcat( new_path, path + strlen( "/dev/" ) );
return new_path;
#endif /* __FreeBSD__ || __DragonFly__ */
......@@ -389,17 +396,18 @@ dvd_reader_t *DVDOpen( const char *ppath )
* Block devices and regular files are assumed to be DVD-Video images.
dvd_reader_t *dvd = NULL;
#if defined(__sun)
ret_val = DVDOpenImageFile( sun_block2char( path ), have_css );
dev_name = sun_block2char( path );
#elif defined(SYS_BSD)
ret_val = DVDOpenImageFile( bsd_block2char( path ), have_css );
dev_name = bsd_block2char( path );
ret_val = DVDOpenImageFile( path, have_css );
dev_name = strdup( path );
dvd = DVDOpenImageFile( dev_name, have_css );
free( dev_name );
return ret_val;
return dvd;
} else if( S_ISDIR( fileinfo.st_mode ) ) {
dvd_reader_t *auth_drive = 0;
#if defined(SYS_BSD)
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