Commit 53c96e41 authored by Erik Hovland's avatar Erik Hovland

Remove empty if clause.

An if clause is empty. This makes the else do all of the work
and still ends up w/ a larger object file because the if clause
is stuck into the object file. By moving to the logical not of
the if we can remove the empty clause.
parent 4f8804bd
......@@ -882,9 +882,7 @@ void DVDCloseFile( dvd_file_t *dvd_file )
int i;
if( dvd_file ) {
if( dvd_file->dvd->isImageFile ) {
} else {
if( !dvd_file->dvd->isImageFile ) {
for( i = 0; i < TITLES_MAX; ++i ) {
if( dvd_file->title_devs[ i ] ) {
dvdinput_close( dvd_file->title_devs[i] );
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