Commit 4c2728ff authored by Paul Menzel's avatar Paul Menzel Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Free `cached_dir_base` to fix memory leak

The static analyzer from LLVM/Clang 1:3.4~svn194079-1 reports a memory
leak in `libdvdread/src/dvd_udf.c`.

        $ scan-build -o scan-build make
        $ scan-view scan-build/2013-11-18-155601-16168-1

The memory is allocated in

       	if((cached_dir_base = malloc(dir_lba * DVD_VIDEO_LB_LEN + 2048)) == NULL)

and has to be freed before returning from the function.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Menzel <>
parent 7e74c39c
......@@ -594,8 +594,10 @@ static int UDFScanDir( dvd_reader_t *device, struct AD Dir, char *FileName,
} else
in_cache = 1;
if(cached_dir == NULL)
if(cached_dir == NULL) {
return 0;
p = 0;
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