Commit 22f0cd73 authored by Pierre Lamot's avatar Pierre Lamot Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Don't abort if PGC structure can't be read.

Some DVD contains unused invalids PGC (ie: inaccessible location).
Signed-off-by: Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatarJean-Baptiste Kempf <>
parent 7433fb13
......@@ -1928,12 +1928,10 @@ static int ifoRead_PGCIT_internal(ifo_handle_t *ifofile, pgcit_t *pgcit,
pgcit->pgci_srp[i].pgc->ref_count = 1;
if(!ifoRead_PGC(ifofile, pgcit->pgci_srp[i].pgc,
offset + pgcit->pgci_srp[i].pgc_start_byte)) {
int j;
for(j = 0; j <= i; j++) {
fprintf(stderr, "libdvdread: Unable to read invalid PCG\n");
//E-One releases provide boggus PGC, ie: out of bound start_byte
goto fail;
pgcit->pgci_srp[i].pgc = NULL;
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