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This fork of dvdnav was created to overcome the lack of responsiveness
of the official development channel, not to bastardize this library in
something for specific usage by mplayer, so these are the rules to follow
when developing code:
- don't remove pre-existing code that mplayer doesn't need
- don't add code to expose the internals of dvdnav
- don't add code that binds applications to side-effects of the library
- don't alter the API in an incompatible manner

When committing code to the repository always follow these rules:
- don't break the compilability of the library - always keep svn checkouts usable
- never mix cosmetical and functional changes
- don't commit unrelated changes as a single transaction
- don't split strictly related changes over multiple commits
- never alter the indentation / bracing / prototyping style of existing files
- if you break something by accident fix it as soon as possible using the appropriate
  svn tools to revert your commit(s). If in doubt ask explanations to the
  mailing list
- trivial patches such as spell fixes, prototype mismatch, missing includes,
  more proper variable typization and similar should be committed without asking
  prior authorization

If in reiterated violation of these rules your account will be deleted.