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libdvdread (4.1.4)
* added OS/2 support
* fixed ARM memory alignment issue
* portability fixes for *BSD, Mac OS X and MINGW
* portability fixes for *BSD, Mac OS X, MINGW and OS/2
* added a missing DVDFileStat function
* exposed the dvd_stat_t struct in header
* fixed libdvdread closing stdin if it can't open the file/device
* fixed a segfault in UDFFileEntry on some badly mastered DVDs
* fixed big-endian builds
* Win32: large file support under Mingw to go over 2G limits
* configure: remove the special case test for uid=0
* provide BUP file support for more issues
* move UDFReadBlocksRaw declaration to dvdread_internal.h
* fixed double free of parental management information
* configure2: Use a single = instead of ==
* fixed crash when PTT is too short
* fixed segfault when reading certain DVDs, for example "Thor"
libdvdread (4.1.3)
* an embarassing amount of fixes regarding potential memory and resource leaks
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