Commit 0cd997af authored by beandog's avatar beandog Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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Fix crash in ifoRead_VTS_PTT_SRPT()

In ifoRead_VTS_PTT_SRPT(), there's a lot of places where the
function will exit on a 'goto fail' call if the IFO is invalid.

However, the check for the PGN value is only done later.

This fixes it so that it fails earlier -- when the PGN is
originally set, and doesn't go through the other checks as well, trying to set
invalid data that will be referenced later.

See VLC trac #10459
parent 0538a5db
......@@ -1245,6 +1245,8 @@ int ifoRead_VTS_PTT_SRPT(ifo_handle_t *ifofile) {
= *(uint16_t*)(((char *)data) + data[i] + 4*j - VTS_PTT_SRPT_SIZE);
= *(uint16_t*)(((char *)data) + data[i] + 4*j + 2 - VTS_PTT_SRPT_SIZE);
goto fail;
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