Commit fbef64eb authored by Diego Elio Pettenò's avatar Diego Elio Pettenò
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build: fix Solaris headers check.

parent b209023f
......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/ioctl.h,[
dnl Solaris: sys/scsi/scsi_types.h, sys/scsi/impl/uscsi.h
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/scsi/scsi_types.h, sys/scsi/impl/uscsi.h], [],
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/scsi/scsi_types.h sys/scsi/impl/uscsi.h], [],
[solaris_uscsi=no; break;])
AS_IF([test "$solaris_uscsi" = "yes"], [
AC_DEFINE(SOLARIS_USCSI, 1, Have userspace SCSI headers.)
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