Commit 20621b71 authored by Diego Elio Pettenò's avatar Diego Elio Pettenò
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doxygen: update configuration file to avoid warnings.

parent 76f08878
......@@ -155,13 +155,6 @@ QT_AUTOBRIEF = NO
# If the DETAILS_AT_TOP tag is set to YES then Doxygen
# will output the detailed description near the top, like JavaDoc.
# If set to NO, the detailed description appears after the member
# documentation.
# If the INHERIT_DOCS tag is set to YES (the default) then an undocumented
# member inherits the documentation from any documented member that it
# re-implements.
......@@ -446,12 +439,6 @@ MAX_INITIALIZER_LINES = 30
# If the sources in your project are distributed over multiple directories
# then setting the SHOW_DIRECTORIES tag to YES will show the directory hierarchy
# in the documentation. The default is NO.
# Set the SHOW_FILES tag to NO to disable the generation of the Files page.
# This will remove the Files entry from the Quick Index and from the
# Folder Tree View (if specified). The default is YES.
......@@ -760,12 +747,6 @@ HTML_FOOTER = @top_srcdir@/doc/footer.html
# If the HTML_ALIGN_MEMBERS tag is set to YES, the members of classes,
# files or namespaces will be aligned in HTML using tables. If set to
# NO a bullet list will be used.
# If the GENERATE_HTMLHELP tag is set to YES, additional index files
# will be generated that can be used as input for tools like the
# Microsoft HTML help workshop to generate a compiled HTML help file (.chm)
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