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    * ./src/css.c: when the ReadTitleKey ioctl failed, reopen the device before · 068c36ac
    Sam Hocevar authored
        falling back to the title method.
       Note: on my drive, this fixes the "ioctl_ReadTitleKey failed" error
             many users have been reporting. Please test!
       Note 2: I could not find any other way to reset the drive after a failed
               ReadTitleKey ioctl than closing and opening the device again. If
               I don't do that, read() fails with an Input/output error after a
               while (but not immediately).
      * ALL: libdvdcss builds with -ansi -pedantic. Yeah I like that :-)
      * ./src/css.c: renamed a few functions so that they make more sense, added
        debug messages here and there, fixed typos and speling.
      * ./src/error.c: moved _dvdcss_error and _dvdcss_debug here.
      * ./src/device.c: moved device reading functions from libdvdcss.c to here.
      * ./src/device.c: errors from dvdcss_read are now properly handled; partial
        reads still aren't though.
      * ./src/libdvdcss.c: default verbosity is now 0, a library should not be
        intrusive by default.
      * ./test/csstest.c: additional error check.
      * ./configure.in: removed the crap boolean_t detection.