Commit d88f0bd9 authored by Gildas Bazin's avatar Gildas Bazin

* ALL: release of libdts-0.0.2

parent 4f1d6d17
Gildas Bazin <> implementation of the
DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder and current maintainer of dtsdec.
DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder and current maintainer of libdts.
Other libdts contributors include:
Sam Hocevar <> - build system improvements and debian package
While the libdts part of the source code was mostly written from scratch, this
project was started from the a52dec code base so the original credits for
libdts-0.0.2 Sun Feb 29 12:45:21 CET 2004
Support for high frequencies vector quantization.
Improved build system.
Debian packaging files.
dtsdec-0.0.1 Sun Feb 8 21:49:17 CET 2004
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(autotools)
AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile autotools/Makefile include/Makefile test/Makefile
doc/Makefile src/Makefile libdts/Makefile libao/Makefile vc++/Makefile
debian/Makefile libdts/libdts.pc])
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