Commit c1c00410 authored by Paweł Wegner's avatar Paweł Wegner

MicroHttpdServer: don't stop null server.

parent 84526288
......@@ -161,7 +161,9 @@ MicroHttpdServer::MicroHttpdServer(IHttpServer::ICallback::Pointer cb, int port)
throw std::runtime_error("failed to initialize http server");
MicroHttpdServer::~MicroHttpdServer() { MHD_stop_daemon(http_server_); }
MicroHttpdServer::~MicroHttpdServer() {
if (http_server_) MHD_stop_daemon(http_server_);
MicroHttpdServer::IResponse::Pointer MicroHttpdServer::Request::response(
int code, const IResponse::Headers& headers, int size,
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