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      change a few include directives to use relative paths · deb9b7df
      john authored
      delete libbdnav/configure.ac since build system has been reworked to use
      one master configure.ac in truck.
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      · 4e2b9801
      Accident authored
      Accident: Universal build of libbluray.so/a, examples/. Minor changes to build
                on Unix.
  16. 20 Oct, 2009 2 commits
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      add nav methods to assist with seeking to packet or timestamp positions. · 3c864e34
      john authored
      each method finds the random access point immediately before the requested 
      packet or timestamp. the position is returned in "seek_pkt" of NAV_CLIP struct.
      add "packets" value to NAV_TITLE.  This is the total size in packets 
      of the title.
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      add some basic navigation methods · 5bcce81e
      john authored
      char* nav_find_main_title(char *root);
      	Find the playlist that corresponds to the main title.
      	for now this is done by finding the longest title that
      	contains no duplicate clips. "root" is the base of the 
      	BD tree. The returned file name is the basename of the playlist.
      NAV_TITLE* nav_title_open(char *root, char *playlist);
      	Open a playlist for navigation.  "root" is the base
      	of the BD tree. "playlist" is the basename of the playlist.
      void nav_title_close(NAV_TITLE *title);
      	Close a previously opened title.
      NAV_CLIP* nav_next_clip(NAV_TITLE *title);
      	Get information about the next clip in a title.  When called for
      	the first time after opening a title, the first clip is returned.
      	The clip information contains m2ts file basename, start packet number,
      	end packet number, and connection condition.  Packet numbers are
      	in 192 byte TS packet units.
      examples/bdsplice.c has been modified to demonstrate nav_title_open, 
      and nav_next_clip.
      example/mpls_dump has been modified to demonstrate nav_find_main_title.
  17. 18 Oct, 2009 2 commits
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      fix incorrect api usage of clpi_parse · bc82b2ab
      john authored
      i recently changed the api and forgot to update this usage.
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      Initial playlist and clipinfo parsing commit · 8b29b00a
      john authored
      directory libbdnav contains the library 
      directory examples has a few tools that use the library.
      Parser API:
      	MPLS_PL* mpls_parse(char *path, int verbose)
          	Parses a playlist file and returns result
      	void mpls_free(MPLS_PL **pl)
          	Frees playlist data returned from mpls_parse.  Sets pointer to NULL.
      	CLPI_CL* clpi_parse(char *path, int verbose)
          	Parses a clipinfo file and returns result
      	void clpi_free(CLPI_CL **pl)
          	Frees clipinfo data returned from mpls_parse.  Sets pointer to NULL.
      	Examples all show available options with --help
      		parses playlist files and displays contents.
      		parses clipinfo files and displays contents
      		parses a playlist and all the clipinfo files associated with
      		a particular title and splices the m2ts clips together into
      		one file.