Commit e143a72f authored by Petri Hintukainen's avatar Petri Hintukainen

Initialize defaults for selected streams when opening a playlist without menus

parent 411bdf4c
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......@@ -358,9 +358,36 @@ static void _update_clip_psrs(BLURAY *bd, NAV_CLIP *clip)
static void _update_playlist_psrs(BLURAY *bd)
NAV_CLIP *clip = bd->st0.clip;
bd_psr_write(bd->regs, PSR_PLAYLIST, atoi(bd->title->name));
bd_psr_write(bd->regs, PSR_ANGLE_NUMBER, bd->title->angle + 1);
bd_psr_write(bd->regs, PSR_CHAPTER, 0xffff);
if (clip && bd->title_type == title_undef) {
/* Initialize selected audio and subtitle stream PSRs when not using menus.
* Selection is based on language setting PSRs and clip STN.
MPLS_STN *stn = &clip->title->pl->play_item[clip->ref].stn;
uint32_t audio_lang = 0;
/* make sure clip is up-to-date before STREAM events are triggered */
bd_psr_write(bd->regs, PSR_PLAYITEM, clip->ref);
if (stn->num_audio) {
stn->audio, stn->num_audio,
&audio_lang, 0);
if (stn->num_pg) {
stn->pg, stn->num_pg,
NULL, audio_lang);
static int _is_interactive_title(BLURAY *bd)
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