Commit 7eb40994 authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

Update ChangeLog

parent 10e20c0b
2015-??-??: Version 0.8.0
- Add security checks to BD-J.
- Add support for UDF image files and unmounted discs.
- Add UDF volume identifier to DISC_INFO.
- Add bd_init() and bd_open_disc() and bd_open_stream().
- Fix infinite loop with some broken HDMV menus.
- Emit BD_EVENT_PLAYLIST_STOP when playlist playback is stopped in middle.
- Add bd_init(), bd_open_disc() and bd_open_stream().
- Add /usr/share/libbluray/lib/ to .jar file search paths.
- Add BD_EVENT_PLAYLIST_STOP (playlist playback is interrupted).
- Accept directory name (without .jar file name) in LIBBLURAY_CP.
- Improved error resilence.
- Improve BD-J compability.
- Fix infinite loop with some broken HDMV menus.
2015-01-26: Version 0.7.0
- Add player setting for BD-J persistent storage and cache paths.
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