Commit 77dceadd authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

ChangeLog update for 0.5.0

parent 382d4c9e
- Added bd_get_main_title()
2013-12-21: Version 0.5.0
- Portability fixes.
- Build system updates.
- Improved BD-J support (still alpha).
- Improved updating of application-allocated ARGB frame buffer.
- Get JRE library location from registry (Windows).
- Added bd_get_main_title().
- Added BD_EVENT_ERROR when title playback fails.
- Added BD-J flags to disc info.
- Added support for user timeout in HDMV menus.
- Added cropping of RLE images. Cropping values in overlay are now always 0.
- Added support for LIBAACS_PATH and LIBBDPLUS_PATH environment variables.
- Added timestamp based m2ts stream filtering.
2013-09-11: Version 0.4.0
- Fixed slide shows: always cut reads at clip end boundary
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