Commit f0f7bfd2 authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

bd_menu_call(): Added pts parameter.

Current player pts is needed for resuming playback.
parent 9fb7bca2
......@@ -1703,8 +1703,12 @@ int bd_play(BLURAY *bd)
return bd_play_title(bd, TITLE_FIRST_PLAY);
int bd_menu_call(BLURAY *bd)
int bd_menu_call(BLURAY *bd, int64_t pts)
if (pts >= 0) {
bd_psr_write(bd->regs, PSR_TIME, (uint32_t)(((uint64_t)pts) >> 1));
if (bd->title_type == title_undef) {
// bd_play not called
return 0;
......@@ -483,7 +483,7 @@ int bd_read_ext(BLURAY *bd, unsigned char *buf, int len, BD_EVENT *event);
int bd_get_event(BLURAY *bd, BD_EVENT *event);
int bd_play_title(BLURAY *bd, unsigned title); /* play title (from disc index) */
int bd_menu_call(BLURAY *bd); /* open disc root menu */
int bd_menu_call(BLURAY *bd, int64_t pts); /* open disc root menu */
void bd_register_overlay_proc(BLURAY *bd, void *handle, bd_overlay_proc_f func);
void bd_user_input(BLURAY *bd, int64_t pts, uint32_t key);
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