Commit e4f08771 authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

_render_page(): removed page_id and selected_button_id params

parent bfea2a24
......@@ -270,14 +270,15 @@ static void _render_button(GRAPHICS_CONTROLLER *gc, BD_IG_BUTTON *button, BD_PG_
static void _render_page(GRAPHICS_CONTROLLER *gc,
unsigned page_id,
unsigned selected_button_id, unsigned activated_button_id,
unsigned activated_button_id,
GC_NAV_CMDS *cmds)
PG_DISPLAY_SET *s = gc->igs;
BD_IG_PAGE *page = NULL;
BD_PG_PALETTE *palette = NULL;
unsigned page_id = bd_psr_read(gc->regs, PSR_MENU_PAGE_ID);
unsigned ii;
unsigned selected_button_id = bd_psr_read(gc->regs, PSR_SELECTED_BUTTON_ID);
if (s->ics->interactive_composition.ui_model == 1 && !gc->popup_visible) {
TRACE("_render_page(): popup menu not visible\n");
......@@ -414,7 +415,7 @@ static void _user_input(GRAPHICS_CONTROLLER *gc, bd_vk_key_e key, GC_NAV_CMDS *c
bd_psr_write(gc->regs, PSR_SELECTED_BUTTON_ID, new_btn_id);
_render_page(gc, page_id, new_btn_id, activated_btn_id, cmds);
_render_page(gc, activated_btn_id, cmds);
......@@ -492,7 +493,7 @@ static void _set_button_page(GRAPHICS_CONTROLLER *gc, uint32_t param, GC_NAV_CMD
gc->ig_drawn = 0;
_render_page(gc, page_id, button_id, -1, cmds);
_render_page(gc, 0xffff, cmds);
void gc_run(GRAPHICS_CONTROLLER *gc, gc_ctrl_e ctrl, uint32_t param, GC_NAV_CMDS *cmds)
......@@ -532,8 +533,6 @@ void gc_run(GRAPHICS_CONTROLLER *gc, gc_ctrl_e ctrl, uint32_t param, GC_NAV_CMDS
bd_psr_read(gc->regs, PSR_MENU_PAGE_ID),
bd_psr_read(gc->regs, PSR_SELECTED_BUTTON_ID),
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