Commit c5dddfa2 authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1


parent 9fe79dea
2016-05-15: Version 0.9.3
- Add bd_open_files(). This function deprecates old global file system hooks.
- Add flag for on-disc menu support to DISC_INFO.
- Add configure argument to disable building of JAR file.
dnl library version number
m4_define([bluray_major], 0)
m4_define([bluray_minor], 9)
m4_define([bluray_micro], 2)
m4_define([bluray_micro], 3)
dnl shared library version (.so version)
......@@ -12,9 +12,9 @@ dnl - If interfaces have been changed or removed, increase current and set age a
dnl Library file name will be
m4_define([lt_current], 10)
m4_define([lt_revision], 2)
m4_define([lt_age], 9)
m4_define([lt_current], 11)
m4_define([lt_revision], 0)
m4_define([lt_age], 10)
dnl initilization
AC_INIT([libbluray], bluray_version, [])
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