Commit ac8de481 authored by cRTrn13's avatar cRTrn13

mmc, aacs_sign, mkb/file use of file abstraction layer

parent 9e961157
......@@ -29,12 +29,12 @@ int64_t file_tell_linux(FILE_H *file)
int file_read_linux(FILE_H *file, uint8_t *buf, int64_t size)
return fread(buf, size, 1, (FILE *)file->internal);
return fread(buf, 1, size, (FILE *)file->internal);
int file_write_linux(FILE_H *file, uint8_t *buf, int64_t size)
return fwrite(buf, size, 1, (FILE *)file->internal);
return fwrite(buf, 1, size, (FILE *)file->internal);
FILE_H *file_open_linux(const char* filename, const char *mode)
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