Commit 8cd02fcf authored by j45's avatar j45

add simple angle selection with bd_select_angle()

does not yet do seamless angle changes.
parent 2894fbf4
......@@ -366,6 +366,16 @@ int bd_select_title(BLURAY *bd, uint32_t title_idx)
return 0;
int bd_select_angle(BLURAY *bd, int angle)
if (bd->title == NULL) {
DEBUG(DBG_BLURAY, "Title not yet selected! (%p)\n", bd);
return 0;
bd->clip = nav_set_angle(bd->title, bd->clip, angle);
return 1;
uint64_t bd_get_title_size(BLURAY *bd)
return bd ? bd->s_size : UINT64_C(0);
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