Commit 79f3033e authored by anonymous's avatar anonymous


parent 07038ed5
- Added HDMV/BDJ title information to BLURAY_DISC_INFO.
2013-05-27: Version 0.6.0
- Improved BD-J support (Most BD-J discs are correctly played).
- Mark BD-J titles supported in BLURAY_DISC_INFO if BD-J is functional.
- Install .jar files to datadir (/usr/share/java/) instead of libdir.
- Added version number to .jar file names.
- Added JNI headers for BD-J (cross) compilation.
- Added HDMV/BD-J title information to BLURAY_DISC_INFO.
- Added disc application info to BLURAY_DISC_INFO.
- Added bd_set_rate().
- Added color keys (RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE).
- Improved error resilence.
- Fix build without libxml.
2013-12-21: Version 0.5.0
- Portability fixes.
dnl library version number
m4_define([bluray_major], 0)
m4_define([bluray_minor], 5)
m4_define([bluray_minor], 6)
m4_define([bluray_micro], 0)
......@@ -12,9 +12,9 @@ dnl - If interfaces have been changed or removed, increase current and set age a
dnl Library file name will be
m4_define([lt_current], 6)
m4_define([lt_current], 7)
m4_define([lt_revision], 0)
m4_define([lt_age], 5)
m4_define([lt_age], 6)
dnl initilization
AC_INIT([libbluray], bluray_version, [])
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