Commit 79cd0707 authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

bd_read_ext(): handle (infinite time) still mode playlists

parent 468e3b56
......@@ -1839,6 +1839,15 @@ int bd_read_ext(BLURAY *bd, unsigned char *buf, int len, BD_EVENT *event)
int bytes = bd_read(bd, buf, len);
if (bytes == 0) {
MPLS_PI *pi = &bd->title->pl->play_item[0];
if (pi->still_mode == BLURAY_STILL_INFINITE) {
// most likely menu background ; waiting for user interaction
DEBUG(DBG_BLURAY, "Reached end of infinite still mode play item\n");
_get_event(bd, event);
return 0;
if (bd->title_type == title_hdmv) {
bd->hdmv_suspended = !hdmv_vm_running(bd->hdmv_vm);
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