Commit 66f8bcad authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

Log unimplemented feature

parent 545f02f5
......@@ -51,6 +51,9 @@ public class TitleContextImpl implements TitleContext {
throw new IllegalStateException();
if (state == STATE_STOPPED)
return new ServiceContentHandler[0];
org.videolan.Logger.unimplemented("TitleContextImpl", "getServiceContentHandlers");
ServiceContentHandler[] handler = new ServiceContentHandler[1];
handler[0] = new Handler();
return handler;
......@@ -70,6 +73,9 @@ public class TitleContextImpl implements TitleContext {
public void select(Locator[] locators)
throws InvalidLocatorException, InvalidServiceComponentException, SecurityException {
org.videolan.Logger.unimplemented("TitleContextImpl", "select(Locator[])");
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