Commit 514b02ec authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

Added suspend/resume to HDMV VM API

parent 85f8891a
......@@ -900,6 +900,24 @@ int hdmv_vm_get_event(HDMV_VM *p, HDMV_EVENT *ev)
return _get_event(p, ev);
int hdmv_vm_running(HDMV_VM *p)
return !!p->object;
int hdmv_vm_resume(HDMV_VM *p)
return _resume_object(p);
int hdmv_vm_suspend(HDMV_VM *p)
if (p->object && !p-ig_object) {
return _suspend_object(p);
return -1;
/* terminate program after MAX_LOOP instructions */
#define MAX_LOOP 1000000
......@@ -72,4 +72,8 @@ BD_PRIVATE int hdmv_vm_set_object(HDMV_VM *p, int num_nav_cmds, void *nav_c
BD_PRIVATE int hdmv_vm_run(HDMV_VM *p, HDMV_EVENT *ev);
BD_PRIVATE int hdmv_vm_get_event(HDMV_VM *p, HDMV_EVENT *ev);
BD_PRIVATE int hdmv_vm_running(HDMV_VM *p);
BD_PRIVATE int hdmv_vm_suspend(HDMV_VM *p);
BD_PRIVATE int hdmv_vm_resume(HDMV_VM *p);
#endif // _HDMV_VM_H_
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