Commit 203bdaa0 authored by hpi1's avatar hpi1

Update ChangeLog

parent d643402d
- Add player setting for BD-J persistent storage and cache paths.
- Add support for system fonts. BD-J fonts in jre/lib/fonts/ are not required anymore.
- Add BD-J organization ID and disc ID to BLURAY_DISC_INFO.
- Release still mode when BD-J terminates.
- Implement BD-J caching.
- Improve BD-J compability.
- Java 8 compability fixes.
- Fix storage size for bdjo object reference in BLURAY_DISC_INFO.
- Fix BD-J on-disc font usage.
- Fix animations in some BD-J menus.
- Add player setting for persistent/cache root path.
- Fix BD-J storage path charset issues in Windows.
2014-09-03: Version 0.6.2
- Fix possible subtitle corruption after seek.
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