Commit 8accf047 authored by Niklas Haas's avatar Niklas Haas

libplacebo-ubuntu-cosmic: run ldconfig after installing .so's

Otherwise they will not be found without LD_LIBRARY_PATH
parent 6b1513c7
FROM ubuntu:cosmic-20181114
ENV IMAGE_DATE=201812031700
ENV IMAGE_DATE=201812040100
# If someone wants to use VideoLAN docker images on a local machine and does
# not want to be disturbed by the videolan user, we should not take an uid/gid
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ RUN set -x && \
cp -a libshaderc*/libshaderc*.a /usr/local/lib && \
cp -a libshaderc*/libshaderc*.so* /usr/local/lib && \
cp -a ../libshaderc*/include /usr/local && \
ldconfig && \
cd /root && \
rm -rf shaderc
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