patch clang 10 to support -no-seh

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The command '/bin/sh -c wine wineboot --init && /opt/wine/ wineserver && /opt/wine/winetricks --unattended dotnet40 dotnet_verifier && /opt/wine/ wineserver && wget -q -O ~/wix.msi && WIX_SHA256=621b70e8761d5b940d8c32a42b0e92fd55767f8908a9b32e06bb3d12a30bc47b && echo $WIX_SHA256 ~/wix.msi | sha256sum -c && wine msiexec /i ~/wix.msi && cd ~/ && rm -f ~/wix.msi && rm -rf ~/.cache/winetricks && rm -rf /tmp/wine-*' returned a non-zero code: 1
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