Commit a1647a59 authored by Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje

Tiny improvements to generate_grain_uv_420

gen_grain_uv_ar2_8bpc_420_avx2: 29176.2
gen_grain_uv_ar2_8bpc_420_avx2: 26794.0
parent 07dab8cb
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......@@ -609,6 +609,8 @@ cglobal generate_grain_uv_420, 4, 10, 16, buf, bufy, fg_data, uv
movd xm15, [base+hmul_bits-10+shiftq*2]
pmovsxbw xm8, [fg_dataq+FGData.ar_coeffs_uv+uvq+0] ; cf0-7
pmovsxbw xm9, [fg_dataq+FGData.ar_coeffs_uv+uvq+8] ; cf8-12
vpbroadcastw xm7, [base+hmul_bits+4]
vpbroadcastd xm6, [base+pb_1]
DEFINE_ARGS buf, bufy, h, x
pshufd xm12, xm9, q0000
pshufd xm13, xm9, q1111
......@@ -639,31 +641,28 @@ cglobal generate_grain_uv_420, 4, 10, 16, buf, bufy, fg_data, uv
psrldq xm4, xm0, 4 ; y=-2,x=[+0,+5]
psrldq xm5, xm0, 6 ; y=-2,x=[+1,+5]
psrldq xm6, xm0, 8 ; y=-2,x=[+2,+5]
psrldq xm0, 8 ; y=-2,x=[+2,+5]
punpcklwd xm4, xm5
punpcklwd xm6, xm1
psrldq xm7, xm1, 6 ; y=-1,x=[+1,+5]
punpcklwd xm0, xm1
psrldq xm3, xm1, 6 ; y=-1,x=[+1,+5]
psrldq xm1, xm1, 8 ; y=-1,x=[+2,+5]
punpcklwd xm7, xm1
punpcklwd xm3, xm1
pmaddwd xm4, xm9
pmaddwd xm6, xm10
pmaddwd xm7, xm12
paddd xm4, xm6
paddd xm2, xm7
pmaddwd xm0, xm10
pmaddwd xm3, xm12
paddd xm4, xm0
paddd xm2, xm3
paddd xm2, xm4
vpbroadcastd xm4, [base+pb_1]
movq xm6, [bufyq+xq*2]
movq xm7, [bufyq+xq*2+82]
pmaddubsw xm6, xm4, xm6
pmaddubsw xm7, xm4, xm7
vpbroadcastw xm4, [base+hmul_bits+4]
paddw xm6, xm7
pmulhrsw xm6, xm4
pxor xm7, xm7
punpcklwd xm6, xm7
pmaddwd xm6, xm14
paddd xm2, xm6
movq xm0, [bufyq+xq*2]
movq xm3, [bufyq+xq*2+82]
pmaddubsw xm0, xm6, xm0
pmaddubsw xm3, xm6, xm3
paddw xm0, xm3
pmulhrsw xm0, xm7
punpcklwd xm0, xm0
pmaddwd xm0, xm14
paddd xm2, xm0
movq xm0, [bufq+xq-2] ; y=0,x=[-2,+5]
......@@ -807,8 +806,7 @@ cglobal generate_grain_uv_420, 4, 10, 16, buf, bufy, fg_data, uv
pmaddubsw xm1, xm13, xm1
pmaddubsw xm2, xm13, xm2
paddw xm1, xm2
vpbroadcastw xm3, xm15
pmulhrsw xm1, xm3
pmulhrsw xm1, xm15
punpcklwd xm6, xm7
punpcklwd xm8, xm9
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