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# dav1d contribution guide
## CoC
The [VideoLAN Code of Conduct]( applies to this project.
The [VideoLAN Code of Conduct]( applies fully to this project.
## ToDo
Todo list can be found [on the wiki](
The todo list can be found [on the wiki](
## Codebase language
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ For the library:
For the tools and utils:
- C *(see above for restrictions)*
- Rust
- C++ only for the MFT.
- C++ is only allowed for the MFT.
If you want to use *Threads* or *Atomic* features, please conform to the **C11**/**POSIX** semantic and use a wrapper for older compilers/platforms *(like done in VLC)*.
......@@ -42,12 +42,15 @@ Please read [How to Write a Git Commit Message](
## Submit requests (WIP)
- Code
- Check [code style](
- Test
- Try
- Submit patches
- Code,
- [Compile](,
- Check your [code style](,
- Test,
- Try,
- Submit patches through merge requests,
- Check that this passes the CI.
## Patent license
You need to read, understand, and agree to the [AV1 patents license](doc/PATENTS), before committing.
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