Commit d4c5ad49 authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö Committed by Janne Grunau
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arm64: mc: Reduce the width of a register copy

Only copy as much as really is needed/used.
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......@@ -2073,9 +2073,9 @@ L(\type\()_8tap_filter_2):
st1 {v3.4h}, [\ds2], \d_strd
b.le 0f
mov v16.16b, v18.16b
mov v17.16b, v28.16b
mov v18.16b, v29.16b
mov v16.8b, v18.8b
mov v17.8b, v28.8b
mov v18.8b, v29.8b
b 4b
480: // 4x8, 4x16, 4x32 hv
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