Commit 97ab8290 authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö Committed by Janne Grunau
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arm64: mc: NEON implementation of warp8x8{,t}

Relative speedup vs C code:
                 Cortex A53    A72    A73
warp_8x8_8bpc_neon:    3.19   2.60   3.66
warp_8x8t_8bpc_neon:   3.09   2.50   3.58
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......@@ -2328,3 +2328,191 @@ endfunc
filter_fn put, x0, x1, x2, x3, w4, w5, w6, x6, w7, x7, x8, x9, 10
filter_fn prep, x0, x7, x1, x2, w3, w4, w5, x5, w6, x6, x8, x9, 6
.macro load_filter_row dst, src, inc
asr w13, \src, #10
ldr \dst, [x11, w13, sxtw #3]
add \src, \src, \inc
function warp_filter_horz
add w12, w5, #512
ld1 {v16.8b, v17.8b}, [x2], x3
load_filter_row d0, w12, w7
load_filter_row d1, w12, w7
load_filter_row d2, w12, w7
sxtl v0.8h, v0.8b
load_filter_row d3, w12, w7
sxtl v1.8h, v1.8b
load_filter_row d4, w12, w7
sxtl v2.8h, v2.8b
load_filter_row d5, w12, w7
sxtl v3.8h, v3.8b
load_filter_row d6, w12, w7
sxtl v4.8h, v4.8b
load_filter_row d7, w12, w7
sxtl v5.8h, v5.8b
sxtl v6.8h, v6.8b
sxtl v7.8h, v7.8b
uxtl v16.8h, v16.8b
uxtl v17.8h, v17.8b
ext v18.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*1
mul v23.8h, v16.8h, v0.8h
ext v19.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*2
mul v18.8h, v18.8h, v1.8h
ext v20.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*3
mul v19.8h, v19.8h, v2.8h
ext v21.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*4
saddlp v23.4s, v23.8h
mul v20.8h, v20.8h, v3.8h
ext v22.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*5
saddlp v18.4s, v18.8h
mul v21.8h, v21.8h, v4.8h
saddlp v19.4s, v19.8h
mul v22.8h, v22.8h, v5.8h
saddlp v20.4s, v20.8h
addv s23, v23.4s
saddlp v21.4s, v21.8h
addv s18, v18.4s
saddlp v22.4s, v22.8h
addv s19, v19.4s
trn1 v18.2s, v23.2s, v18.2s
addv s20, v20.4s
ext v23.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*6
trn1 v19.2s, v19.2s, v20.2s
addv s21, v21.4s
mul v23.8h, v23.8h, v6.8h
ext v20.16b, v16.16b, v17.16b, #2*7
addv s22, v22.4s
mul v20.8h, v20.8h, v7.8h
saddlp v23.4s, v23.8h
trn1 v21.2s, v21.2s, v22.2s
saddlp v20.4s, v20.8h
addv s23, v23.4s
addv s20, v20.4s
trn1 v20.2s, v23.2s, v20.2s
trn1 v18.2d, v18.2d, v19.2d
trn1 v20.2d, v21.2d, v20.2d
add w5, w5, w8
rshrn v16.4h, v18.4s, #3
rshrn2 v16.8h, v20.4s, #3
// void dav1d_warp_affine_8x8_8bpc_neon(
// pixel *dst, const ptrdiff_t dst_stride,
// const pixel *src, const ptrdiff_t src_stride,
// const int16_t *const abcd, int mx, int my)
.macro warp t, shift
function warp_affine_8x8\t\()_8bpc_neon, export=1
ldr x4, [x4]
ubfx x7, x4, #0, #16
ubfx x8, x4, #16, #16
ubfx x9, x4, #32, #16
ubfx x4, x4, #48, #16
sxth w7, w7
sxth w8, w8
sxth w9, w9
sxth w4, w4
mov w10, #8
sub x2, x2, x3, lsl #1
sub x2, x2, x3
sub x2, x2, #3
movrel x11, dav1d_mc_warp_filter, 64*8
mov x15, x30
.ifnb \t
lsl x1, x1, #1
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v24.16b, v16.16b
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v25.16b, v16.16b
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v26.16b, v16.16b
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v27.16b, v16.16b
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v28.16b, v16.16b
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v29.16b, v16.16b
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v30.16b, v16.16b
add w14, w6, #512
bl warp_filter_horz
mov v31.16b, v16.16b
load_filter_row d0, w14, w9
load_filter_row d1, w14, w9
load_filter_row d2, w14, w9
load_filter_row d3, w14, w9
load_filter_row d4, w14, w9
load_filter_row d5, w14, w9
load_filter_row d6, w14, w9
load_filter_row d7, w14, w9
transpose_8x8b v0, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v16, v17
sxtl v0.8h, v0.8b
sxtl v1.8h, v1.8b
sxtl v2.8h, v2.8b
sxtl v3.8h, v3.8b
sxtl v4.8h, v4.8b
sxtl v5.8h, v5.8b
sxtl v6.8h, v6.8b
sxtl v7.8h, v7.8b
// This ordering of smull/smlal/smull2/smlal2 is highly
// beneficial for Cortex A53 here.
smull v16.4s, v24.4h, v0.4h
smlal v16.4s, v25.4h, v1.4h
smlal v16.4s, v26.4h, v2.4h
smlal v16.4s, v27.4h, v3.4h
smlal v16.4s, v28.4h, v4.4h
smlal v16.4s, v29.4h, v5.4h
smlal v16.4s, v30.4h, v6.4h
smlal v16.4s, v31.4h, v7.4h
smull2 v17.4s, v24.8h, v0.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v25.8h, v1.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v26.8h, v2.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v27.8h, v3.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v28.8h, v4.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v29.8h, v5.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v30.8h, v6.8h
smlal2 v17.4s, v31.8h, v7.8h
mov v24.16b, v25.16b
mov v25.16b, v26.16b
sqrshrn v16.4h, v16.4s, #\shift
mov v26.16b, v27.16b
sqrshrn2 v16.8h, v17.4s, #\shift
mov v27.16b, v28.16b
mov v28.16b, v29.16b
.ifb \t
sqxtun v16.8b, v16.8h
mov v29.16b, v30.16b
mov v30.16b, v31.16b
subs w10, w10, #1
.ifnb \t
st1 {v16.8h}, [x0], x1
st1 {v16.8b}, [x0], x1
add w6, w6, w4 1b
br x15
warp , 11
warp t, 7
......@@ -59,4 +59,33 @@
.macro transpose_8x8b r0, r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9
trn1 \r8\().8b, \r0\().8b, \r1\().8b
trn2 \r9\().8b, \r0\().8b, \r1\().8b
trn1 \r1\().8b, \r2\().8b, \r3\().8b
trn2 \r3\().8b, \r2\().8b, \r3\().8b
trn1 \r0\().8b, \r4\().8b, \r5\().8b
trn2 \r5\().8b, \r4\().8b, \r5\().8b
trn1 \r2\().8b, \r6\().8b, \r7\().8b
trn2 \r7\().8b, \r6\().8b, \r7\().8b
trn1 \r4\().4h, \r0\().4h, \r2\().4h
trn2 \r2\().4h, \r0\().4h, \r2\().4h
trn1 \r6\().4h, \r5\().4h, \r7\().4h
trn2 \r7\().4h, \r5\().4h, \r7\().4h
trn1 \r5\().4h, \r9\().4h, \r3\().4h
trn2 \r9\().4h, \r9\().4h, \r3\().4h
trn1 \r3\().4h, \r8\().4h, \r1\().4h
trn2 \r8\().4h, \r8\().4h, \r1\().4h
trn1 \r0\().2s, \r3\().2s, \r4\().2s
trn2 \r4\().2s, \r3\().2s, \r4\().2s
trn1 \r1\().2s, \r5\().2s, \r6\().2s
trn2 \r5\().2s, \r5\().2s, \r6\().2s
trn2 \r6\().2s, \r8\().2s, \r2\().2s
trn1 \r2\().2s, \r8\().2s, \r2\().2s
trn1 \r3\().2s, \r9\().2s, \r7\().2s
trn2 \r7\().2s, \r9\().2s, \r7\().2s
#endif /* DAVID_SRC_ARM_64_UTIL_S */
......@@ -56,6 +56,9 @@ decl_avg_fn(dav1d_avg_8bpc_neon);
void bitfn(dav1d_mc_dsp_init_arm)(Dav1dMCDSPContext *const c) {
#define init_mc_fn(type, name, suffix) \
c->mc[type] = dav1d_put_##name##_8bpc_##suffix
......@@ -91,5 +94,9 @@ void bitfn(dav1d_mc_dsp_init_arm)(Dav1dMCDSPContext *const c) {
c->avg = dav1d_avg_8bpc_neon;
c->w_avg = dav1d_w_avg_8bpc_neon;
c->mask = dav1d_mask_8bpc_neon;
c->warp8x8 = dav1d_warp_affine_8x8_8bpc_neon;
c->warp8x8t = dav1d_warp_affine_8x8t_8bpc_neon;
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