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remove unused unused code from src/ref_mvs.c

Fixes 9 warnings. See #97.
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......@@ -255,17 +255,6 @@ typedef enum {
AFFINE = 3, // affine, 6-parameter
} TransformationType;
#if 0
typedef enum {
INTRA_ONLY_FRAME = 2, // replaces intra-only
S_FRAME = 3,
......@@ -306,31 +295,6 @@ static const uint8_t block_size_high[BLOCK_SIZES_ALL] = {
16, 128, 32
static const uint8_t num_8x8_blocks_wide_lookup[BLOCK_SIZES_ALL] = {
1, 1,
1, 1,
1, 2,
2, 2,
4, 4,
4, 8,
8, 8, 16, 16, 1,
2, 1,
4, 2,
8, 4, 16
static const uint8_t num_8x8_blocks_high_lookup[BLOCK_SIZES_ALL] = {
1, 1,
1, 1,
2, 1,
2, 4,
2, 4,
8, 4,
8, 16, 8, 16, 2,
1, 4,
1, 8,
2, 16, 4
static INLINE int is_global_mv_block(const MB_MODE_INFO *const mbmi,
TransformationType type) {
const PREDICTION_MODE mode = mbmi->mode;
......@@ -347,67 +311,19 @@ typedef struct {
int16_t alpha, beta, gamma, delta;
} WarpedMotionParams;
static const WarpedMotionParams default_warp_params = {
0, 0, 0, 0,
#define REF_FRAMES_LOG2 3
typedef struct {
#if 0
int ref_count;
unsigned int cur_frame_offset;
unsigned int ref_frame_offset[INTER_REFS_PER_FRAME];
MV_REF *mvs;
ptrdiff_t mv_stride;
#if 0
uint8_t *seg_map;
int mi_rows;
int mi_cols;
#if 0
// Width and height give the size of the buffer (before any upscaling, unlike
// the sizes that can be derived from the buf structure)
int width;
int height;
WarpedMotionParams global_motion[TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME];
int showable_frame; // frame can be used as show existing frame in future
int film_grain_params_present;
aom_film_grain_t film_grain_params;
aom_codec_frame_buffer_t raw_frame_buffer;
hash_table hash_table;
uint8_t intra_only;
#if 0
FRAME_TYPE frame_type;
// The Following variables will only be used in frame parallel decode.
// frame_worker_owner indicates which FrameWorker owns this buffer. NULL means
// that no FrameWorker owns, or is decoding, this buffer.
AVxWorker *frame_worker_owner;
// row and col indicate which position frame has been decoded to in real
// pixel unit. They are reset to -1 when decoding begins and set to INT_MAX
// when the frame is fully decoded.
int row;
int col;
} RefCntBuffer;
#define INVALID_IDX -1 // Invalid buffer index.
......@@ -417,537 +333,64 @@ typedef struct TileInfo {
int tg_horz_boundary;
} TileInfo;
typedef struct macroblockd {
#if 0
struct macroblockd_plane plane[MAX_MB_PLANE];
uint8_t bmode_blocks_wl;
uint8_t bmode_blocks_hl;
TileInfo tile;
int mi_stride;
#if 0
MODE_INFO *left_mi;
MODE_INFO *above_mi;
MB_MODE_INFO *left_mbmi;
MB_MODE_INFO *above_mbmi;
MB_MODE_INFO *chroma_left_mbmi;
MB_MODE_INFO *chroma_above_mbmi;
int up_available;
int left_available;
#if 0
int chroma_up_available;
int chroma_left_available;
/* Distance of MB away from frame edges in subpixels (1/8th pixel) */
int mb_to_left_edge;
int mb_to_right_edge;
int mb_to_top_edge;
int mb_to_bottom_edge;
#if 0
/* pointers to reference frames */
const RefBuffer *block_refs[2];
/* pointer to current frame */
const YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *cur_buf;
PARTITION_CONTEXT *above_seg_context;
TXFM_CONTEXT *above_txfm_context;
TXFM_CONTEXT *left_txfm_context;
TXFM_CONTEXT left_txfm_context_buffer[2 * MAX_MIB_SIZE];
WienerInfo wiener_info[MAX_MB_PLANE];
SgrprojInfo sgrproj_info[MAX_MB_PLANE];
// block dimension in the unit of mode_info.
uint8_t n8_w, n8_h;
#if 0
uint8_t ref_mv_count[MODE_CTX_REF_FRAMES];
uint8_t is_sec_rect;
#if 0
// Counts of each reference frame in the above and left neighboring blocks.
// NOTE: Take into account both single and comp references.
uint8_t neighbors_ref_counts[TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME];
FRAME_CONTEXT *tile_ctx;
/* Bit depth: 8, 10, 12 */
int bd;
int qindex[MAX_SEGMENTS];
int lossless[MAX_SEGMENTS];
int corrupted;
int cur_frame_force_integer_mv;
// same with that in AV1_COMMON
struct aom_internal_error_info *error_info;
const WarpedMotionParams *global_motion;
int prev_qindex;
int delta_qindex;
int current_qindex;
// Since actual frame level loop filtering level value is not available
// at the beginning of the tile (only available during actual filtering)
// at encoder side.we record the delta_lf (against the frame level loop
// filtering level) and code the delta between previous superblock's delta
// lf and current delta lf. It is equivalent to the delta between previous
// superblock's actual lf and current lf.
int prev_delta_lf_from_base;
int current_delta_lf_from_base;
// For this experiment, we have four frame filter levels for different plane
// and direction. So, to support the per superblock update, we need to add
// a few more params as below.
// 0: delta loop filter level for y plane vertical
// 1: delta loop filter level for y plane horizontal
// 2: delta loop filter level for u plane
// 3: delta loop filter level for v plane
// To make it consistent with the reference to each filter level in segment,
// we need to -1, since
// SEG_LVL_ALT_LF_Y_V = 1;
// SEG_LVL_ALT_LF_Y_H = 2;
// SEG_LVL_ALT_LF_U = 3;
// SEG_LVL_ALT_LF_V = 4;
int prev_delta_lf[FRAME_LF_COUNT];
int curr_delta_lf[FRAME_LF_COUNT];
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, uint8_t, seg_mask[2 * MAX_SB_SQUARE]);
CFL_CTX cfl;
JNT_COMP_PARAMS jcp_param;
int all_one_sided_refs;
typedef struct RefBuffer {
int idx; // frame buf idx
#if 0
int map_idx; // frame map idx
struct scale_factors sf;
} RefBuffer;
typedef struct BufferPool {
#if 0
// Protect BufferPool from being accessed by several FrameWorkers at
// the same time during frame parallel decode.
// TODO(hkuang): Try to use atomic variable instead of locking the whole pool.
pthread_mutex_t pool_mutex;
// Private data associated with the frame buffer callbacks.
void *cb_priv;
aom_get_frame_buffer_cb_fn_t get_fb_cb;
aom_release_frame_buffer_cb_fn_t release_fb_cb;
RefCntBuffer frame_bufs[FRAME_BUFFERS];
#if 0
// Frame buffers allocated internally by the codec.
InternalFrameBufferList int_frame_buffers;
} BufferPool;
typedef struct AV1Common {
#if 0
struct aom_internal_error_info error;
aom_color_primaries_t color_primaries;
aom_transfer_characteristics_t transfer_characteristics;
aom_matrix_coefficients_t matrix_coefficients;
int color_range;
int width;
int height;
int render_width;
int render_height;
int last_width;
int last_height;
int timing_info_present;
uint32_t num_units_in_tick;
uint32_t time_scale;
int equal_picture_interval;
uint32_t num_ticks_per_picture;
// TODO(jkoleszar): this implies chroma ss right now, but could vary per
// plane. Revisit as part of the future change to YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG to
// support additional planes.
int subsampling_x;
int subsampling_y;
int largest_tile_id;
size_t largest_tile_size;
// Scale of the current frame with respect to itself.
struct scale_factors sf_identity;
// Marks if we need to use 16bit frame buffers (1: yes, 0: no).
int use_highbitdepth;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *frame_to_show;
// TODO(hkuang): Combine this with cur_buf in macroblockd.
RefCntBuffer cur_frame;
#if 0
int ref_frame_map[REF_FRAMES]; /* maps fb_idx to reference slot */
// Prepare ref_frame_map for the next frame.
// Only used in frame parallel decode.
int next_ref_frame_map[REF_FRAMES];
// TODO(jkoleszar): could expand active_ref_idx to 4, with 0 as intra, and
// roll new_fb_idx into it.
// Each Inter frame can reference INTER_REFS_PER_FRAME buffers
RefBuffer frame_refs[INTER_REFS_PER_FRAME];
#if 0
int is_skip_mode_allowed;
int skip_mode_flag;
int ref_frame_idx_0;
int ref_frame_idx_1;
int new_fb_idx;
FRAME_TYPE last_frame_type; /* last frame's frame type for motion search.*/
FRAME_TYPE frame_type;
int show_frame;
int showable_frame; // frame can be used as show existing frame in future
int last_show_frame;
int show_existing_frame;
// Flag for a frame used as a reference - not written to the bitstream
int is_reference_frame;
int reset_decoder_state;
#endif // CONFIG_FWD_KF
// Flag signaling that the frame is encoded using only INTRA modes.
uint8_t intra_only;
uint8_t last_intra_only;
uint8_t disable_cdf_update;
int allow_high_precision_mv;
int cur_frame_force_integer_mv; // 0 the default in AOM, 1 only integer
#if 0
int disable_intra_edge_filter; // 1 - disable corner/edge/upsampling
int allow_screen_content_tools;
int allow_intrabc;
int allow_interintra_compound;
int allow_masked_compound;
// Flag signaling which frame contexts should be reset to default values.
RESET_FRAME_CONTEXT_MODE reset_frame_context;
// MBs, mb_rows/cols is in 16-pixel units; mi_rows/cols is in
// MODE_INFO (8-pixel) units.
int MBs;
int mb_rows, mi_rows;
int mb_cols, mi_cols;
int mi_rows;
int mi_cols;
int mi_stride;
#if 0
/* profile settings */
TX_MODE tx_mode;
int base_qindex;
int y_dc_delta_q;
int u_dc_delta_q;
int v_dc_delta_q;
int u_ac_delta_q;
int v_ac_delta_q;
int separate_uv_delta_q;
// The dequantizers below are true dequntizers used only in the
// dequantization process. They have the same coefficient
// shift/scale as TX.
int16_t y_dequant_QTX[MAX_SEGMENTS][2];
int16_t u_dequant_QTX[MAX_SEGMENTS][2];
int16_t v_dequant_QTX[MAX_SEGMENTS][2];
// Global quant matrix tables
const qm_val_t *giqmatrix[NUM_QM_LEVELS][3][TX_SIZES_ALL];
const qm_val_t *gqmatrix[NUM_QM_LEVELS][3][TX_SIZES_ALL];
// Local quant matrix tables for each frame
const qm_val_t *y_iqmatrix[MAX_SEGMENTS][TX_SIZES_ALL];
const qm_val_t *u_iqmatrix[MAX_SEGMENTS][TX_SIZES_ALL];
const qm_val_t *v_iqmatrix[MAX_SEGMENTS][TX_SIZES_ALL];
// Encoder
int using_qmatrix;
int qm_y;
int qm_u;
int qm_v;
int min_qmlevel;
int max_qmlevel;
/* We allocate a MODE_INFO struct for each macroblock, together with
an extra row on top and column on the left to simplify prediction. */
int mi_alloc_size;
MODE_INFO *mip; /* Base of allocated array */
MODE_INFO *mi; /* Corresponds to upper left visible macroblock */
// TODO(agrange): Move prev_mi into encoder structure.
// prev_mip and prev_mi will only be allocated in encoder.
MODE_INFO *prev_mip; /* MODE_INFO array 'mip' from last decoded frame */
MODE_INFO *prev_mi; /* 'mi' from last frame (points into prev_mip) */
// Separate mi functions between encoder and decoder.
int (*alloc_mi)(struct AV1Common *cm, int mi_size);
void (*free_mi)(struct AV1Common *cm);
void (*setup_mi)(struct AV1Common *cm);
// Grid of pointers to 8x8 MODE_INFO structs. Any 8x8 not in the visible
// area will be NULL.
MODE_INFO **mi_grid_base;
MODE_INFO **mi_grid_visible;
MODE_INFO **prev_mi_grid_base;
MODE_INFO **prev_mi_grid_visible;
// Whether to use previous frame's motion vectors for prediction.
int allow_ref_frame_mvs;
#if 0
// Persistent mb segment id map used in prediction.
int seg_map_idx;
int prev_seg_map_idx;
uint8_t *seg_map_array[NUM_PING_PONG_BUFFERS];
uint8_t *last_frame_seg_map;
uint8_t *current_frame_seg_map;
int seg_map_alloc_size;
InterpFilter interp_filter;
int switchable_motion_mode;
loop_filter_info_n lf_info;
// The denominator of the superres scale; the numerator is fixed.
uint8_t superres_scale_denominator;
int superres_upscaled_width;
int superres_upscaled_height;
RestorationInfo rst_info[MAX_MB_PLANE];
// rst_end_stripe[i] is one more than the index of the bottom stripe
// for tile row i.
int rst_end_stripe[MAX_TILE_ROWS];
// Pointer to a scratch buffer used by self-guided restoration
int32_t *rst_tmpbuf;
// Flag signaling how frame contexts should be updated at the end of
// a frame decode
REFRESH_FRAME_CONTEXT_MODE refresh_frame_context;
int ref_frame_sign_bias[TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]; /* Two state 0, 1 */
#if 0
struct loopfilter lf;
struct segmentation seg;
int all_lossless;
int frame_parallel_decode; // frame-based threading.
#if 0
int reduced_tx_set_used;
// Context probabilities for reference frame prediction
REFERENCE_MODE reference_mode;
FRAME_CONTEXT *fc; /* this frame entropy */
FRAME_CONTEXT *pre_fc; // Context referenced in this frame
unsigned int frame_context_idx; /* Context to use/update */
int fb_of_context_type[REF_FRAMES];
int primary_ref_frame;
unsigned int frame_offset;
#if 0
unsigned int current_video_frame;
// AOM_BITS_8 in profile 0 or 1, AOM_BITS_10 or AOM_BITS_12 in profile 2 or 3.
aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth;
aom_bit_depth_t dequant_bit_depth; // bit_depth of current dequantizer
int error_resilient_mode;
int tile_cols, tile_rows;
int last_tile_cols, last_tile_rows;
BOUNDARY_TYPE *boundary_info;
int boundary_info_alloc_size;
int min_log2_tile_cols;
int max_log2_tile_cols;
int max_log2_tile_rows;
int min_log2_tile_rows;
int min_log2_tiles;
int max_tile_width_sb;
int max_tile_height_sb;
int uniform_tile_spacing_flag;
int log2_tile_cols; // only valid for uniform tiles
int log2_tile_rows; // only valid for uniform tiles
int tile_col_start_sb[MAX_TILE_COLS + 1]; // valid for 0 <= i <= tile_cols
int tile_row_start_sb[MAX_TILE_ROWS + 1]; // valid for 0 <= i <= tile_rows
int tile_row_independent[MAX_TILE_ROWS]; // valid for 0 <= i < tile_rows
int tile_width, tile_height; // In MI units
int log2_tile_cols, log2_tile_rows; // Used in non-large_scale_tile_coding.
int tile_width, tile_height; // In MI units
unsigned int large_scale_tile;
unsigned int single_tile_decoding;
int dependent_horz_tiles;
int tile_group_start_row[MAX_TILE_ROWS][MAX_TILE_COLS];
int tile_group_start_col[MAX_TILE_ROWS][MAX_TILE_COLS];
int loop_filter_across_tiles_v_enabled;
int loop_filter_across_tiles_h_enabled;
int loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled;
int byte_alignment;
int skip_loop_filter;
// Private data associated with the frame buffer callbacks.
void *cb_priv;
aom_get_frame_buffer_cb_fn_t get_fb_cb;
aom_release_frame_buffer_cb_fn_t release_fb_cb;
// Handles memory for the codec.
InternalFrameBufferList int_frame_buffers;
// External BufferPool passed from outside.
BufferPool buffer_pool;
#if 0
PARTITION_CONTEXT *above_seg_context;
TXFM_CONTEXT *above_txfm_context;
TXFM_CONTEXT *top_txfm_context[MAX_MB_PLANE];
TXFM_CONTEXT left_txfm_context[MAX_MB_PLANE][2 * MAX_MIB_SIZE];
int above_context_alloc_cols;
WarpedMotionParams global_motion[TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME];
#if 0
int film_grain_params_present;
aom_film_grain_t film_grain_params;
int cdef_pri_damping;
int cdef_sec_damping;
int nb_cdef_strengths;
int cdef_strengths[CDEF_MAX_STRENGTHS];
int cdef_uv_strengths[CDEF_MAX_STRENGTHS];
int cdef_bits;
int cdef_preset[4];
int delta_q_present_flag;
// Resolution of delta quant
int delta_q_res;
int delta_lf_present_flag;
// Resolution of delta lf level
int delta_lf_res;
// This is a flag for number of deltas of loop filter level
// 0: use 1 delta, for y_vertical, y_horizontal, u, and v
// 1: use separate deltas for each filter level
int delta_lf_multi;
int num_tg;
struct {
BLOCK_SIZE sb_size;
int enable_order_hint;
int order_hint_bits_minus1;
} seq_params;
#if 0
SequenceHeader seq_params;
int current_frame_id;
int ref_frame_id[REF_FRAMES];
int valid_for_referencing[REF_FRAMES];
int refresh_mask;
int invalid_delta_frame_id_minus1;
LV_MAP_CTX_TABLE coeff_ctx_table;
TPL_MV_REF *tpl_mvs;
#if 0
int tpl_mvs_mem_size;
// TODO(jingning): This can be combined with sign_bias later.
int8_t ref_frame_side[TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME];
#if 0
int frame_refs_short_signaling;
int temporal_layer_id;
int enhancement_layer_id;
int enhancement_layers_cnt;
int64_t cum_txcoeff_timer;
int64_t txcoeff_timer;
int txb_count;
int64_t cum_txcoeff_cost_timer;
int64_t txcoeff_cost_timer;
int64_t txcoeff_cost_count;
const cfg_options_t *options;
int ref_buf_idx[INTER_REFS_PER_FRAME];
int ref_order_hint[INTER_REFS_PER_FRAME];
......@@ -988,12 +431,6 @@ static INLINE void clamp_mv(MV *mv, int min_col, int max_col, int min_row,
mv->row = clamp(mv->row, min_row, max_row);