Commit 7acf1360 authored by Janne Grunau's avatar Janne Grunau
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arm64/ios: use prefixed dav1d_mc_warp_filter symbol

parent 97ab8290
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......@@ -2425,7 +2425,7 @@ function warp_affine_8x8\t\()_8bpc_neon, export=1
sub x2, x2, x3, lsl #1
sub x2, x2, x3
sub x2, x2, #3
movrel x11, dav1d_mc_warp_filter, 64*8
movrel x11, X(mc_warp_filter), 64*8
mov x15, x30
.ifnb \t
lsl x1, x1, #1
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