Commit 76f56606 authored by Nathan Egge's avatar Nathan Egge
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Rewrite the y4m header to match aomdec.

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......@@ -66,8 +66,8 @@ static int y4m2_open(Y4m2OutputContext *const c, const char *const file,
chr_names_8bpc_i420[p->chr > 2 ? DAV1D_CHR_UNKNOWN : p->chr] :
ss_names[p->layout][p->bpc > 8];
fprintf(c->f, "YUV4MPEG2 W%d H%d C%s Ip F%d:%d\n",
p->w, p->h, ss_name, fps[0], fps[1]);
fprintf(c->f, "YUV4MPEG2 W%d H%d F%d:%d Ip C%s\n",
p->w, p->h, fps[0], fps[1], ss_name);
return 0;
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