Verified Commit 5f8b6d0c authored by James Almer's avatar James Almer
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obu: abort parsing OBU_FRAME if show_existing_frame=1

This is more in line with the behavior from libaom.

Signed-off-by: James Almer's avatarJames Almer <>
parent 4cfd948d
......@@ -1059,7 +1059,8 @@ int dav1d_parse_obus(Dav1dContext *const c, Dav1dData *const in) {
c->n_tile_data = 0;
c->n_tiles = 0;
if (type == OBU_FRAME_HDR || c->frame_hdr.show_existing_frame) break;
if (type == OBU_FRAME_HDR) break;
if (c->frame_hdr.show_existing_frame) goto error;
off += res;
// fall-through
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