Commit 58cb4cf0 authored by Emmanuel Gil Peyrot's avatar Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
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dav1dplay: Add -lm for llround() support

Neither --buildtype=plain nor --buildtype=debug set -ffast-math, so
llround() is kept as a function call and isn’t optimised out into
cvttsd2siq (on amd64), thus requiring the math lib to be linked.

Note that even with -ffast-math, it isn’t guaranteed that a call to
llround() will always be omitted (I have reproduced this on PowerPC), so
this fix is correct even if we ever decide to enable -ffast-math in
other build types.
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......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ dav1dplay_sources = files(
sdl2_dependency = dependency('sdl2', version: '>= 2.0.1', required: true)
if sdl2_dependency.found()
dav1dplay_deps = [sdl2_dependency]
dav1dplay_deps = [sdl2_dependency, libm_dependency]
dav1dplay_cflags = []
placebo_dependency = dependency('libplacebo', version: '>= 3.110.0', required: false)
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