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arm64: looprestoration: Simplify the horizontal filtering of one pixel at a time

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......@@ -282,19 +282,15 @@ L(variable_shift_tbl):
addv h6, v6.8h
addv h7, v7.8h
dup v16.4h, v2.h[3]
dup v17.4h, v4.h[3]
ins v16.h[1], v4.h[3]
ins v6.h[1], v7.h[0]
shl v16.4h, v16.4h, #7
shl v17.4h, v17.4h, #7
sub v16.4h, v16.4h, v30.4h
sub v17.4h, v17.4h, v30.4h
sqadd v6.4h, v6.4h, v16.4h
sqadd v7.4h, v7.4h, v17.4h
sshr v6.4h, v6.4h, #3
sshr v7.4h, v7.4h, #3
add v6.4h, v6.4h, v31.4h
add v7.4h, v7.4h, v31.4h
st1 {v6.h}[0], [x0], #2
st1 {v7.h}[0], [x12], #2
st1 {v6.h}[1], [x12], #2
subs w5, w5, #1
ext v2.16b, v2.16b, v3.16b, #2
ext v4.16b, v4.16b, v5.16b, #2
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