Commit 27cb9dad authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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arm64: itx16: Improve scheduling in idct4

parent bf60da6c
......@@ -402,12 +402,12 @@ endfunc
.macro idct_4 r0, r1, r2, r3
mul_mla v6, \r1, \r3, v0.s[3], v0.s[2]
mul_mls v4, \r1, \r3, v0.s[2], v0.s[3]
mul_mla v2, \r0, \r2, v0.s[0], v0.s[0]
mul_mls v4, \r1, \r3, v0.s[2], v0.s[3]
mul_mls v3, \r0, \r2, v0.s[0], v0.s[0]
srshr v6.4s, v6.4s, #12
srshr v7.4s, v4.4s, #12
srshr v2.4s, v2.4s, #12
srshr v7.4s, v4.4s, #12
srshr v3.4s, v3.4s, #12
sqadd \r0\().4s, v2.4s, v6.4s
sqsub \r3\().4s, v2.4s, v6.4s
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