1. 31 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      Fix 'make check' for Android · fa064e21
      digit@chromium.org authored
      This patch allows 'make check' to work when performing
      an Automake-based build of Breakpad for Android. This
      requires to have an Android device connected, and the
      'adb' tool in your path.
      You can test that with something like:
          configure --host=arm-linux-androideabi
          make check
      This is achieved by adding a new small shell script
      under android/test-shell.sh, which is invoked by the
      Makefile (see TESTS_ENVIRONMENT definition in
      By default, this runs all unit tests, including those
      for the processor and tools (which normally never run
      on an Android device).
      Note that the test suites fails (e.g. 11 failing tests
      for the client library). This will be addressed in later
      + Modify android/run-checks.sh to run the client library
        test suite on the device by default.
      + Add a new option (--all-tests) to android/run-checks.sh
        which forces it to run the unit test suite for the host
        binaries, and the full suite on the Android device.
      + Update README.ANDROID appropriately.
      Review URL: https://breakpad.appspot.com/441002
      git-svn-id: http://google-breakpad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@1023 4c0a9323-5329-0410-9bdc-e9ce6186880e
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      Fix Breakpad unit tests build for Android. · 13d9e27e
      digit@chromium.org authored
      This patch contains the source-related fixes to ensure that
      the Breakpad unit tests build properly when targetting Android.
      Calling 'make check' still fails because there is still no
      way to run the unit test programs on a device. This will be
      addressed by a future patch.
      Important notes:
      - You must target Android API level 9 (Gingerbread) or higher
        to build the unit tests. This requirement is due to the
        current GTest revision used in the breakpad source tree.
      - This patch adds headers providing inlined C library functions
        missing from the NDK (see src/common/android/testing). They
        are inlined to avoid modifying Makefile.am and other build
      - Similarly, the <wchar.h> header-fix under
        src/common/android/testing/include is only required by
        GTest's current revision. E.g. it's not needed when building
        Breakpad as part of Chromium which uses a more up-to-date
      Review URL: https://breakpad.appspot.com/439002
      git-svn-id: http://google-breakpad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@1020 4c0a9323-5329-0410-9bdc-e9ce6186880e
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      Add Android NDK module definition + sample application · 0bed408b
      digit@chromium.org authored
      This patch adds a new directory named "android/" which contains
      the following:
      - A NDK build system module definition for the Google Breakpad
        client library. This can be used by developers using the ndk-build
        build system to more easily build and use the client library in
        their own programs.
      - A sample application demonstrating how to use the module,
        as well as test that the library works properly during a
      - A shell script (run-checks.sh) that will check everything
        for you automatically, including:
        - Rebuilding the host Google Breakpad host package with configure/make
        - Rebuilding the Android client library with configure/make
        - Rebuilding the Android client library and test program with ndk-build
        - Running the crashing test program, extract minidump, dump symbols,
          generate a stack trace and check that it has correct source file
      For more details, run android/run-checks.sh --help-all
      + Updates to the README.ANDROID documentation.
      Review URL: https://breakpad.appspot.com/407002
      git-svn-id: http://google-breakpad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@983 4c0a9323-5329-0410-9bdc-e9ce6186880e
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      Fix compilation for iOS on XCode 4.5 · 47e34e6f
      qsr@chromium.org authored
       Compilation directive for PPC was using MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED.
       This is not correct, as the latest SDKs allow to compile for older version of
      Mac OS, but don't contain the ppc headers. Changing the directive to use
       Moreover, uploader.mm was including pwd.h that was not used and doesn't exist
      on the latest iOS SDK.
      Review URL: https://breakpad.appspot.com/412002
      git-svn-id: http://google-breakpad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@982 4c0a9323-5329-0410-9bdc-e9ce6186880e
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