1. 09 Feb, 2018 3 commits
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  5. 21 Dec, 2017 4 commits
  6. 20 Dec, 2017 28 commits
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      build dump_syms_dwarf on linux · bfc66505
      Pierre Lamot authored
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      Use libcurl from pkg-config · 2091f2fe
      Pierre Lamot authored
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      Remove unnecessary autotools folder · 8b6557ee
      Marvin Scholz authored
      Recent autotools versions will create symlinks to the required stuff
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      Revert "Make identical-code-folded symbol output more consistent between runs" · e1bac78d
      Jon Turney authored
      This reverts commit 70914b2d.
      This breaks DumpSyms/DumpSymsRegressionTest.EnsureDumpedSymbolsMatch tests,
      presumably test data needs updating
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      dump_syms_unittest looks for testdata relative to it's directory · c0e186fc
      Jon Turney authored
      This means it needs to embed the relative path from the directory the .sln
      was created in to the testdata directory, which seems kind of yucky.
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      Make sure we don't spam the breakpad list · 859eb52b
      Jon Turney authored
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      Disable DwpReader for MinGW · 3ddd24c2
      Jon Turney authored
      elf_reader.cc uses mmap(), which isn't available
      Perhaps we could change to using MmapWrapper(), which I've already fixed for
      Windows, but this code isn't doing anything for us anyhow
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      Make CrashGenerationServer::GenerateDump() public · 2ad03226
      Jon Turney authored
      If you construct CrashGenerationServer with generate_dumps=FALSE, so you can do
      your own thing in the dump_callback, it's useful to have GenerateDump()
      available to do the work of making the dump...
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      Disable timeout waiting for crash reporting server · bac41c46
      Jon Turney authored
      15s is not enough if we are going to ask user if they want make a dump etc.
      Perhaps I need to change my server implementation to do the dump, then ask
      if should be uploaded etc. ?
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      Add gcc builds to appveyor.yml file · 03fc40e6
      Jon Turney authored
      * It seems we must use gyp --no-parallel, as parallel operation fails in the
      appveyor environment for unknown reasons.
      * The Makefile written by gyp doesn't have an install target, so install the
      gyp build products (libbreakpad_client.a, breakpad-client.pc and
      Make appveyor.sh work when builddir != srcdir
      Include 'make check' in appveyor.sh
      * Apply a patch needed to build gtest r615 for Windows with -Werror=unused-variable
      * Ensure PATH is set so tests can find needed runtime DLLs
      * Relax a test which requires POSIX regex when built without them
      * Don't test ifstream.good() even though we haven't yet read at the EOF (this
      looks like a MinGW bug...)
      Remove os:unstable from appveyor.yml
      Apparently this might make the build use VMs on older, slower infrastructure
      Update for changed script name
      Maybe appveyor is fast enough for make check now
      Remove gtest patch as no longer needed
      Add to, rather than replace, msvs-only appveyor.yml
      Run unittests on gcc (still failures, though)
      Add cygwin to build matrix
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      Add a simple script to update externals · dba59533
      Jon Turney authored
      Tweak the protobuf svn rev number requested slightly to r402, as r407
      corresponds to a change in /wiki, which is not a path that svn-git considers by
      Update to handle fetching lss from git not svn
      Rename script to fetch-externals
      Update README.md
      Drop protobuf rev number tweak now dep comes from git
      Sort deps to order check out of src/testing/ before src/testing/gtest/
      Use print as a function
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      Fix a missing \r in crash_generation_app · b1bc0320
      Jon Turney authored
      Fix a missing \r in crash_generation_app
      I thought this made a difference, but it doesn't seem to...
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      Fix typo in the name of the info entry containing uptime · b6e0c45c
      Jon Turney authored
      I'm assuming this is a typo, although it's been this way since it was added in r280
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      Fallback to synthesizing a debug-id from version and architecture, if possible · cea571b9
      Jon Turney authored
      Based on an idea by Ivan Gubarev
      Ideally there would be a similar change in PeCoffFileIdentifierFromMappedFile(),
      but that is not written yet...
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      Add a README.md · 623baff8
      Jon Turney authored
      Add a README.md with some notes on building and what is left to do.
      Keep the original README.md as README.orig.md
      Keep the original README.md at the end for easier merges
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      Provide a working strtok_r for MinGW · f9fc454c
      Jon Turney authored
      Prior to mingW-w64 3.3.0, strtok_r was a macro using strtok, which causes the
      processor to not work, as re-entrancy is required
      Link various unit tests with @LIBOBJS@ for strtok_r
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      Use __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO for MinGW build · 60a53649
      Jon Turney authored
      Use __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO for ANSI C99 compatible implementation of printf()
      and friends on MinGW
      Perhaps we don't need this, if all the printf formats used are in the subset
      supported by MSVCRT, but it's easier to turn this on than audit every
      single format string...
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      Use a default debug-id of all zeros when no CV record is present · 1b1ef537
      Jon Turney authored
      This lets us do something slightly useful with current binaries
      which are produced without a CV record, but there is no guarantee
      that the actually match.
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      Build MinGW client library using gyp-generated Makefile · 07a67ab8
      Jon Turney authored
      Make what it's possible to make with gyp for MinGW.
      Tools which rely on DIA (dump_syms, ms_symbol_server_converter) cannot be built
      for MinGW.
      In theory it should be possible to build symupload, because it doesn't depend on
      DIA, but it depends on the common_windows_libs, which does have a dependency on
      Use configure to find WINDRES
      Use a path to gyp so we don't use or require installed gyp
      Pass AR down to make as well
      Use the correct path to gyp
      It seems we must use AM_PROG_AR to ensure AR is set correctly when
      Build Debug or Release configuration
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      Add symsrv_convert · 127e2c65
      Jon Turney authored
      - Add symsrv_convert from  http://hg.mozilla.org/users/tmielczarek_mozilla.com/fetch-win32-symbols/
      - Add building symsrv_convert to .gyp file
      - Fix compilation with MSVS 2013
      - NOMINMAX should not be needed as that comes from target_defaults
      Update symsrv_convert.cc for
      MSSymbolServerConverter::LocateAndConvertSymbolFile() changes
      This has been needed for a few years...
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      Fix Windows client unit-tests with gcc · 1967a1d3
      Jon Turney authored
      - MinGW doesn't have _CrtSetReportMode
      - Trying to call PureVirtual() on a base class object give a linker error
      Use more elaborate contortions to write a pure virtual call that gcc doesn't
      spot at compile-time, to provoke a run-time failure (copied from
    • Jon Turney's avatar
      Default debug_file to the code_file basename · 58c4923f
      Jon Turney authored
      Strip any path from code_file, and use that as debug_file if one isn't recorded
      in the codeview record.
      The current implementation of 'ld --build-id' doesn't write a pdbfilename in the
      codeview record, not least because we don't have such a thing.
      The minidump processor requires both debug_file and debug_identifier (the
      build-id) to locate the symbol file.
      Correctly make debug-file a basename when code-file has a windows-style path
      Fix by Ivan Gubarev
      Fix a test which expects the previous behaviour
      Fix new tests which expect the previous behaviour
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      Teach gyp generated Makefile to build crash_generation_app correctly · f510a358
      Jon Turney authored
      - Use linker flag for Windows subsystem
      - Use linker flag for unicode
      - Add rule for compiling windows resources, using $RC to name the resource compiler
      - Rename crash_generation_app.rc to avoid a clash in corresponding .o names
      - Fix linking of unit test when built using gyp generated Makefile by providing
      needed library
      XXX: We need to arrange for the gyp Makefile generator to set
      CXXFLAGS="-DUNICODE -D_UNICODE" somewhere when generating for Windows.  This is
      already done in generated MSVS projects.
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      Fix common.gypi to allow gyp to generate Makefiles on Windows · bcc3d6df
      Jon Turney authored
      The MSVS_VERSION variable does not exist unless we are using the MSVS generator
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      Fix building client library and upload tools for MinGW · 0f2aae4e
      Jon Turney authored
      This is the rest of https://breakpad.appspot.com/548002/, brought up to date
      Refine MinGW changes in HTTPUpload::GetFileContents so it closes file after use
      For consistency, write conditionals in terms of _MSC_VER, not __MINGW32__
      Use fd rather than FILE * in HTTPUpload::GetFileContents
      It appears that constructing a stdio_filebuf from a FILE * does a fflush(0),
      which has been seen to occasionally fail EBADF (on at least W7 x64).
      Both of these things seem like they might be bugs
      Workaround for the moment by constructing stdio_filebuf from a fd instead.
      Drop HTTPUpload::GetFileContents() changes as upstream now uses WideTOMBCP()
      Drop changes to avoid stdext::checked_array_iterator, as upstream
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      Build PECOFF/DWARF dump_syms for MinGW · ed6adbf4
      Jon Turney authored
      - Substitute MapViewOfFile() for mmap()
      - Link dump_syms_dwarf with ws2_32 as ntoh functions are used
      Add needed include of windows.h