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    Add Android NDK module definition + sample application · 0bed408b
    digit@chromium.org authored
    This patch adds a new directory named "android/" which contains
    the following:
    - A NDK build system module definition for the Google Breakpad
      client library. This can be used by developers using the ndk-build
      build system to more easily build and use the client library in
      their own programs.
    - A sample application demonstrating how to use the module,
      as well as test that the library works properly during a
    - A shell script (run-checks.sh) that will check everything
      for you automatically, including:
      - Rebuilding the host Google Breakpad host package with configure/make
      - Rebuilding the Android client library with configure/make
      - Rebuilding the Android client library and test program with ndk-build
      - Running the crashing test program, extract minidump, dump symbols,
        generate a stack trace and check that it has correct source file
    For more details, run android/run-checks.sh --help-all
    + Updates to the README.ANDROID documentation.
    Review URL: https://breakpad.appspot.com/407002
    git-svn-id: http://google-breakpad.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@983 4c0a9323-5329-0410-9bdc-e9ce6186880e
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