Commit 88072b8b authored by Christophe Massiot's avatar Christophe Massiot

rdd08: fix off-by-one error & enhancements

parent f3f77862
......@@ -44,24 +44,25 @@ extern "C"
* SMPTE RDD 8 Subtitling Distribution Packet
#define RDD08SDP_B_SIZE 45
#define RDD08SDP_IDENT1 0x51
#define RDD08SDP_IDENT2 0x15
#define RDD08SDP_FOOTER 0x74
#define RDD08SDP_IDENT1 0x0151
#define RDD08SDP_IDENT2 0x0115
#define RDD08SDP_FOOTER 0x0274
#define RDD08SDP_FORMAT_WST 0x2
#define RDD08SDP_FORMAT_WST 0x0102
#define RDD08SDP_FRAMING_CODE 0x0227
static inline uint8_t rdd08sdp_get_length(const uint16_t *p_rdd08)
return p_rdd08[2] & 0xff;
static inline uint8_t rdd08sdp_get_format(const uint16_t *p_rdd08)
static inline uint16_t rdd08sdp_get_format(const uint16_t *p_rdd08)
return p_rdd08[3] & 0xff;
return p_rdd08[3];
static inline uint8_t rdd08sdp_get_a(const uint16_t *p_rdd08, uint8_t n)
......@@ -89,10 +90,10 @@ static inline uint16_t *rdd08sdp_get_b(const uint16_t *p_rdd08, uint8_t n)
return (uint16_t *)b;
static inline uint8_t rdd08sdp_get_footer(const uint16_t *p_rdd08)
static inline uint16_t rdd08sdp_get_footer(const uint16_t *p_rdd08)
uint8_t i_length = rdd08sdp_get_length(p_rdd08);
return p_rdd08[i_length - 4] & 0xff;
return p_rdd08[i_length - 4];
static inline uint16_t rdd08sdp_get_counter(const uint16_t *p_rdd08)
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