Commit 7b3d6719 authored by Georgi Chorbadzhiyski's avatar Georgi Chorbadzhiyski

Add TODO file.

parent 9324efea
TODO items for biTStream. The items are not ordered by importance
so if you like something just do it and send a patch.
- Add support (parser, generator, example) for these MPEG descriptors:
- Descriptor 0x1b MPEG-4_video_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x1c MPEG-4_audio_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x1d IOD_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x1e SL_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x1f FMC_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x20 external_ES_ID_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x21 MuxCode_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x22 FmxBufferSize_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x23 multiplexbuffer_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x24 content_labeling_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x25 metadata_pointer_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x26 metadata_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x27 metadata_STD_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x28 AVC video descriptor
- Descriptor 0x29 IPMP_descriptor (defined in ISO/IEC 13818-11, MPEG-2 IPMP)
- Descriptor 0x2a AVC timing and HRD descriptor
- Descriptor 0x2b MPEG-2_AAC_audio_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x2c FlexMuxTiming_descriptor
- Add support for Selection Information Table (SIT).
- Add generators and example usage for these DVB descriptors:
- Descriptor 0x4a: Linkage descriptor
- Descriptor 0x6a: AC-3 descriptor
- Add support (parser, generator, example) for these DVB descriptors:
- Descriptor 0x42: Stuffing descriptor
- Descriptor 0x45: VBI data descriptor
- Descriptor 0x49: Country availability descriptor
- Descriptor 0x4b: NVOD_reference_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x4c: time_shifted_service_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x4f: time_shifted_event_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x50: component_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x51: mosaic_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x53: CA_identifier_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x57: telephone_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x5b: multilingual_network_name_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x5c: multilingual_bouquet_name_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x5d: multilingual_service_name_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x5e: multilingual_component_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x60: service_move_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x61: short_smoothing_buffer_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x62: frequency_list_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x63: partial_transport_stream_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x64: data_broadcast_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x65: scrambling_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x66: data_broadcast_id_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x67: transport_stream_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x68: DSNG_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x69: PDC_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x6b: ancillary_data_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x6c: cell_list_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x6d: cell_frequency_link_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x6e: announcement_support_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x6f: application_signalling_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x70: adaptation_field_data_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x71: service_identifier_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x72: service_availability_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x73: default_authority_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x74: related_content_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x75: TVA_id_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x76: content_identifier_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x77: time_slice_fec_identifier_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x78: ECM_repetition_rate_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x79: S2_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x7a: enhanced_AC-3_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x7b: DTS descriptor
- Descriptor 0x7c: AAC descriptor
- Descriptor 0x7d: XAIT location descriptor
- Descriptor 0x7e: FTA_content_management_descriptor
- Descriptor 0x7f: extension descriptor
- Add support for extension descriptors
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