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<VLCCustomDialogRendererProtocol> Protocol Reference

#import <VLCDialogProvider.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - showErrorWithTitle:message:
(void) - showLoginWithTitle:message:defaultUsername:askingForStorage:withReference:
(void) - showQuestionWithTitle:message:type:cancelString:action1String:action2String:withReference:
(void) - showProgressWithTitle:message:isIndeterminate:position:cancelString:withReference:
(void) - updateProgressWithReference:message:postion:
(void) - cancelDialogWithReference:

Detailed Description

the protocol to use if you decide to run a custom dialog appearance

Method Documentation

- (void) cancelDialogWithReference: (NSValue *_Nonnull)  reference

VLC decided to destroy a dialog

referenceto the dialog to destroy
- (void) showErrorWithTitle: (NSString *_Nonnull)  error
message: (NSString *_Nonnull)  message 

called when VLC wants to show an error

errorthe dialog title
messagethe error message
- (void) showLoginWithTitle: (NSString *_Nonnull)  title
message: (NSString *_Nonnull)  message
defaultUsername: (NSString *_Nullable)  username
askingForStorage: (BOOL)  askingForStorage
withReference: (NSValue *_Nonnull)  reference 

called when user logs in to something If VLC includes a keychain module for your platform, a user can store stuff

titlelogin dialog title
messagean explaining message
usernamea default username within context
askingForStorageindicator whether storing is even a possibility
referenceyou need to send the results to
- (void) showProgressWithTitle: (NSString *_Nonnull)  title
message: (NSString *_Nonnull)  message
isIndeterminate: (BOOL)  isIndeterminate
position: (float)  position
cancelString: (NSString *_Nullable)  cancelString
withReference: (NSValue *_Nonnull)  reference 

called when VLC wants to show some progress

titlethe dialog title
messagean explaining message
isIndeterminateindicator whether progress indeterminate
positioninitial progress position
cancelStringoptional string for cancel button if operation is cancellable
referenceVLC will include in updates
- (void) showQuestionWithTitle: (NSString *_Nonnull)  title
message: (NSString *_Nonnull)  message
type: (VLCDialogQuestionType)  questionType
cancelString: (NSString *_Nullable)  cancelString
action1String: (NSString *_Nullable)  action1String
action2String: (NSString *_Nullable)  action2String
withReference: (NSValue *_Nonnull)  reference 

called when VLC needs the user to decide something

titlethe dialog title
messagean explaining message text
questionTypea question type
cancelStringcancel button text
action1Stringaction 1 text
action2Stringaction 2 text
referenceyou need to send the action to
- (void) updateProgressWithReference: (NSValue *_Nonnull)  reference
message: (NSString *_Nullable)  message
postion: (float)  position 

called when VLC wants to update an existing progress dialog

referenceto the existing progress dialog
messageupdated message
positioncurrent position

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